Breaking News!


We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to bring you some breaking news!

The Wheel Mages is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Just click here.

For those of you who may have read my late-night Friday post about all the things that can/have gone wrong with this book launch, you might be glad to know I fixed the issue with Amazon.

Special shout out to Kindle Direct Publishing too—those guys are the pinnacle of professionalism. I received an email from them, a Facetime call via my computer and my iPhone, and a regular call as well (on a Sunday!). When I told the agent I fixed the problem on my own, and my email must have sounded ridiculous, he laughed and said it was not the strangest thing he’d ever heard. He also made sure to keep me on the line to see if there was anything else he could help me with. “Because your book is up for preorder, for three days before your release date you won’t be able to access changes, and we want to make sure this goes exactly how you want.” Music to my ears. So thanks, Amazon! And yes, I will be taking your customer service survey to tell you how pleased I was!

While I do that, if y’all could do me a favor and go click on that pre-order link and pre-order your very own copy of The Wheel Mages, I’d be much obliged!

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

❤ Aimee



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