Paperback is here!

The paperback of The Wheel Mages showed up and it looks beautiful! I’m so happy I went with the matte, by the way. All the formatting headaches appear to have been worth it! And, crazy news, print copies are about to surpass digital copies in sales!

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, get it here.

In other news, I signed my very first “autograph” today–to my dad, my biggest fan, who made a dad joke about my investment in this book I will now share.

Me: I have almost $4,000 in this book. I really hope it does well.

Dad: Four thousand? That’s nothing.

Me: It is, dad. It’s a huge amount. It’s a big chunk of my nest egg.

Dad: Well, I have $120,000 invested in this book, so get back to me when you’re there. (In reference to my education).

Touche, dad. Touche.

Dad, Remember the little girl who always said she’d ben an author? She made it. Love you always and forever, Aim

Happy weekend, everyone!

❤ Aimee

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