Sales: Months 3&4

Okay, I’m throwing these up quickly because I promised them in my last newsletter (sign up for that, pretty please?). I’ve been super busy with shiny new thing syndrome (pretty sure I lifted that phrase from my editor, so consider this a citation to Katie McCoach) and trying to get ready for the launch of The Blood Mage (it’s coming up so fast!)

Anyway, things to look out for on the blog in the next couple of weeks:

  1. Why I Write YA (spoiler: it’s because I have a lot of things to say to my past self)
  2. COVER and LAUNCH DATE reveal for The Blood Mage (oh yeah, get pumped)
  3. Why I’m looking into hybrid author options and maybe a look into my new WIP (work in progress)
  4. Meet the author (random fun facts about me because it’s been heavy around here lately!)

Now, without further ado, some depressing sales numbers for February and March. Remember that post I wrote about failure? #Relevant.

Sales Period: January 30, 2017 through March 31, 2017

Vendor: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (Kindle)

Copies sold: 6

Territories sold: United States (6)

Royalties: 13.70 USD

Vendor: iTunes Connect (iBooks)

Copies sold: 2

Territories sold: United States (2)

Royalties: 5.60 USD

Vendor: CreateSpace (Paperback)

Copies sold: 2

Territories sold: United States (2)

Royalties: 2.32 USD (fun fact, I did actually get a direct deposit for that amount, where’s the crying so hard I’m laughing emoji?)

Vendor: Personal Sales (Paperback)

Copies sold: 3

Territories sold: United States (3)

Royalties: 15.48 USD

Total Copies sold in months three and four: 13

Territories Sold: United States (13)

Royalties: 37.10 USD

Total combined copies (since launch): 83 (still haven’t broken my 100 book goal, anyone want to help a girl out?)

Territories sold: United States (81), Denmark (1), UK (1)

Total Royalties: 207.41 USD, 2.18 EUR, 1.85 GBP

Moral of the story… this is hard y’all.

Hope everyone has a great rest of their week, and I hope to bring you more upbeat news soon!

❤ Aimee

11 thoughts on “Sales: Months 3&4

  1. Thanks for sharing your figures. As someone about to launch into self-publishing I have to say I’m a bit concerned about the whole hard V payoff but you know what, you’re out there doing it. It’s more than a lot of writers can say!

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    1. I’m glad you find it useful if maybe not the best news, lol. I share my numbers because I notice a lot of self-published authors talk about their numbers AFTER they’ve become successful or have a ton of books out, etc. so when I went into this I really wasn’t sure quite what to expect. Another stat to consider: 97% of self-published authors will sell less than 100 copies. I think this information is super important to have if your intent with self-publishing is to make any kind of money. Annnnd in terms of budgeting, too. So when I first started I kinda budgeted for my first book and thought getting to 1,000 copies (you’ll see tons of advice relating to this) would be easy-ish and I would at least be able to break even (or close). Turns out… nope. I’m fortunate enough to have a good paying day job so that reality didn’t sink me but I know not everyone has that to fall back on, making this info (IMO) even more important! Of course we all love a good success story, but we all want that to be us, too. Sometimes, it isn’t. And I’m sure a lot of successful self-published authors would argue I’m not doing things right and I’m probably not. I’m sure I’m making tons of mistakes but I think most people will with their first book. So TL;DR: I think it’s good to have a complete picture and not just the happy ending!

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      1. Yes thank you so much. I very much am hoping to be the success story but it’s nice to have the facts laid out in case I’m not (and most likely i’m not going to be!!) I have a freelance writing gig and good husband income to support me, but yeah, the dream is that MY writing will one day sustain me. So it’s nice going in with eyes widened to the fact that this might not happen straight away!


      2. I hope you’re the success story!!! And if you are don’t forget me 😁 But yeah… most of my team who have been in the industry awhile say it takes like 3-5 books out to get there and a lot of plugging away so doable but not overnight (something I need to constantly remind myself of). Just keeping swimming!

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  2. I know it’s tough, but I’m so glad you shared this. I’m always curious about this as well. But you’ll always keep writing, keep pushing, and the good thing is that this book won’t disappear, so it’s always waiting to get in the hands of readers! Maybe donate some copies to local libraries, and see if a few local stores will stock it? And maybe we’ll see book 2 up for pre-order? 🙂 I feel so honored to have worked with you on these books. You are a talented author, don’t give up!

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    1. Thanks, Katie 🙂 I am definitely looking into some indie bookstores nearby, and I’m actually doing a panel thing at a local library tomorrow, so hopefully just getting out there a bit more might help. And YES! I’m going to do a better job with the preorder of The Blood Mage this time and put it up ninety days out (which is like… two weeks, it’s just so hard to believe!) Oh and I totally feel the same way re: working with you! And sorta blessed that I don’t have to Twitter pitch 😛


  3. Stumbled upon your blog and I’m your 84th buyer. Congratulations on those sales numbers! They may be small right now but the more you add to your books, the deeper into your world that readers want to go. Just don’t give up and keep writing and publishing. Have you considered giving a free story in exchange for an email address and at the same time, hook a new reader into your world? It can be the first three chapters of your book, a prequel or a short story that leads to book 1. I did that last year with a Christmas short story and it introduced new readers to my style of writing. I used where you can distribute your short story (you can use the free option and just direct new subscribers from Mailchimp with a link to the instafreebie page).

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    1. Thank you so much!! I have actually been thinking about doing something like that, and I’ve looked into instafreebie as well. I think I will do it eventually it just is a matter of sitting down and figuring it all out. My biggest problem, honestly, is technology. I cannot STAND dealing with website and social and email mailing and lists and blah, blah, blah. Just getting this website up and running put me so close to breaking my computer I rage cried! So in that way I’m a pretty bad self-published author 😜 But yeah… it’s on my suuuuuper long to do list!

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      1. I totally understand 🙂 It’s one of the things us self-published authors need to learn which is everything LOL

        If you have any questions, just holler. I’ve been using Instafreebie since about 11/2015 for my poetry blog where I offered my free story (wrong audience though for the most part although I do post short stories there, too) and have since eased my foot off the gas pedal with 6K subscribers. Many fantasy/sci-fi authors get together to do group promos as well which helps expand your exposure and they organize those promos on Facebook. I primarily write romance but we all end up networking in the same groups but do let me know if you’d like me to direct you there.

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