Sales: Months 3&4

Okay, I’m throwing these up quickly because I promised them in my last newsletter (sign up for that, pretty please?). I’ve been super busy with shiny new thing syndrome (pretty sure I lifted that phrase from my editor, so consider this a citation to Katie McCoach) and trying to get ready for the launch of The Blood Mage (it’s coming up so fast!)

Anyway, things to look out for on the blog in the next couple of weeks:

  1. Why I Write YA (spoiler: it’s because I have a lot of things to say to my past self)
  2. COVER and LAUNCH DATE reveal for The Blood Mage (oh yeah, get pumped)
  3. Why I’m looking into hybrid author options and maybe a look into my new WIP (work in progress)
  4. Meet the author (random fun facts about me because it’s been heavy around here lately!)

Now, without further ado, some depressing sales numbers for February and March. Remember that post I wrote about failure? #Relevant.

Sales Period: January 30, 2017 through March 31, 2017

Vendor: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (Kindle)

Copies sold: 6

Territories sold: United States (6)

Royalties: 13.70 USD

Vendor: iTunes Connect (iBooks)

Copies sold: 2

Territories sold: United States (2)

Royalties: 5.60 USD

Vendor: CreateSpace (Paperback)

Copies sold: 2

Territories sold: United States (2)

Royalties: 2.32 USD (fun fact, I did actually get a direct deposit for that amount, where’s the crying so hard I’m laughing emoji?)

Vendor: Personal Sales (Paperback)

Copies sold: 3

Territories sold: United States (3)

Royalties: 15.48 USD

Total Copies sold in months three and four: 13

Territories Sold: United States (13)

Royalties: 37.10 USD

Total combined copies (since launch): 83 (still haven’t broken my 100 book goal, anyone want to help a girl out?)

Territories sold: United States (81), Denmark (1), UK (1)

Total Royalties: 207.41 USD, 2.18 EUR, 1.85 GBP

Moral of the story… this is hard y’all.

Hope everyone has a great rest of their week, and I hope to bring you more upbeat news soon!

❤ Aimee

First Month Sales

Okay… deep breaths… I’m going to do this.

When I first started out on this whole self-publishing venture, I told myself I would be honest and open about the entire process, including releasing my sales figures. Of course, now that the time has come to do so, I’m nervous.

You see, before I published, I saw plenty of blog posts from established independent authors sharing their sales figures, and how much they made per year, per month, etc. and the numbers were, quite frankly, staggering. Six figure salaries and five figure per month marketing budgets were plentiful. But I didn’t see many (read: any) new indie authors sharing their sales figures, at least not publicly, so I said to myself, “Self, when we do this, we shall publish our sales figures every month, so other indie authors have a better understanding of what this process really looks like.”

It sounded great before I knew what the sales were going to be. Now, I’m less than enthused about sharing my first month’s sales, but… I will. Because I need to learn how to be brave. Because this industry requires courage and tenacity and strength. Because if I’m ever going to succeed, I must first learn to embrace my failures.

So… without further ado… here are the sales figures for the first month of sales of my debut novel, The Wheel Mages.

Sales Period: November 29, 2016 (launch date) through December 29, 2016

Vendor: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (Kindle)

Copies sold: 27

Territories sold: United States (26) and Denmark! (1)

Royalties: 71.21 USD, 2.18 EUR

Vendor: CreateSpace (Paperback)

Copies sold: 23

Territories sold: United States (23)

Royalties: 26.68 USD

Vendor: Personal Sales (Paperback)

Copies sold: 7

Territories sold: United States (7)

Royalties: 36.12 USD

Vendor: iTunes (iBook)

Copies sold: 1

Territories sold: United States (1)

Royalties: 2.80 USD

Total copies sold in the first month: 58

Territories sold: United States (57) and Denmark! (1)

Royalties: 136.81 USD, 2.18 EUR

To put this into perspective, my cover art cost $175, so in my first month of sales, I’ve almost made that back. Except none of this money, with the exception of the money I made from selling books to friends and family (see: Vendor: Personal Sales) has actually arrived in my bank account yet, because Amazon doesn’t release the royalties until you’ve accumulated $100. So, there’s that. And my next book is due to the content editor in 17 days, so unless I wake up one morning and I’ve miraculously sold 2,000 copies overnight (listen, this is something I still sort of hope for), there’s another big check looming in my not-too-distant future. Sidenote: If you’re writing a series, maybe consider budgeting for the first two books.

My goal was to sell 100 books in the first month. As you can see, I didn’t make it. And although I wish I could tell you I sold 10,000 copies, the truth is less extraordinary, which I suppose in some ways, makes it all the more important to share.

This is reality, y’all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. So here’s to selling more books in 2017!

❤ Aimee

P.S. On a WAY more exciting note, I received my first bit of fanart yesterday! FANART! Can you believe it? Yeah, I’m super pumped. I smiled so hard my face almost fell off. Check it out!!! There’s another piece as well, but I want to save it to share in another post, so keep your eyes peeled!