This is as true for authors as it is for readers! So if you’re interested in anything you’ve seen here and want to know more, or interview me for your blog, podcast, Booktube channel, TikTok, Insta Reel, Snapadoo, whatever, I would be so honored (and excited!) You can email me directly at for any requests of that nature. Or just to say hey and talk fairytales! I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to write back every time (did I mention I work in software as a day job?) but I will do my best! I can also be found on the social media links at the bottom of these pages (Twitter most often, Instagram less these days but @writingwaimee for both).

If you’re an editor who has stumbled across this website and are interested in something you’ve seen here, you know the drill: Please contact my agent, Keir Alekseii (Azantian Literary Agency).

Can’t wait to hear from you!



White woman (that’s me, Aimee) with an excited, mouth open expression makes a peace sign behind the head of a sleeping black cat (that’s my former foster, Tyson).